Veterans, Active Duty Military, and Spouses Welcome

National Virtual Career Fair Tuesday May 25 RecruitMilitary and DAV will host the National Virtual Career Fair for Veterans on Tuesday May 24th online from 11am to 3pm CT. Over 100 of the nation’s top employers will be in attendance and ready to network with our military community. Registration is free and available online to all transitioning … Continue reading Veterans, Active Duty Military, and Spouses Welcome

Military Transition Assistance

John Durfee wrote to me recently about his experience in transitioning from Gunnery Sargent to business. John, like many veterans, found that choosing a new career was a daunting task. It certainly wasn’t the piece of cake that the U.S. Army ads made it seem. “They made it look easy; a female soldier in fatigues running across a training course, and then she morphs into a business executive holding a attaché case. Looks easy right?” Without the special effects, it’s a longer challenge for most vets.