25 Rules for Flight

I’m out of the office this week, so I’ve decided to post this list, which I found years ago on a humor site. My husband Thom is a former Naval aviator, so they’re doubly fun for me. He’s a former helicopter crewman, so rule number 17 is especially funny. Enjoy. Rules for Flight 1. Every … Continue reading 25 Rules for Flight

20 Veteran-Friendly Employers

(Thanks to Flexjobs.com for this post) In honor of Veteran’s Day and to support those who’ve served, Job-Hunt has identified 20 military-friendly employers that hire veterans, as well as industries known to support veteran hiring.  The companies highlighted below not only offer job opportunities, but also value the qualities veterans bring to civilian roles.  Recruitmilitary.com … Continue reading 20 Veteran-Friendly Employers