Categorizing Your Skills: Job Content Skills

This post courtesy of information in a Georgia Department of Labor presentation:  “Why Some People Stay Unemployed.”

 Skills are one of the most important things you have to convey to a prospective employer.  If you had to name your five most important and valuable skills right now, what would you say they are?  Here is a way to organize your thinking about skills as you prepare for an interview.

 Skills come in three basic categories: Transferable skills, Job Skills, and Personal Management Skills.  Job Content Skills are related to job-specific tools and tasks. They usually have a vocabulary of their own.  Talking about these skills is how you show a prospective employer that you have depth of expertise within your industry.   On your resume, you should be sure to list your industry skills and include key terms that might be searched by a recruiter or software, if your resume is scanned. 

 For instance, instead of simply saying that you have experience in graphic design, you’d want to say “Proficient in the use of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.”  Software, equipment and processes that will be familiar to – and valued by – someone in the industry will help you get taken seriously as a candidate.

 The formula for presenting job content skills in an interview is similar to the transferable skills formula.

  1.  IDENTIFY THE SKILL: Software, hardware, equipment, processes, forms, projects
  2. PRESENT A CONCRETE EXAMPLE: Describe where and for how long you used this skill; at what level you performed
  3.  REINFORCE WITH MEASURABLE DATA: numbers, dollars, percentages, volume per month, year, etc.
  4.  GIVE RESULTS…WHAT HAPPENED?  How did the company benefit from your skill?

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1 thought on “Categorizing Your Skills: Job Content Skills

  1. We also must be sure that we have or obtain these skills not just telling the employer but also showing them.


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