Staffing Companies and Your Career Part 2

We’ve heard some professionals say that they’d never consider “temp” work.  This recession has changed a lot of things, and attitudes about staffing companies may be one of them.  If you thought you’d never want to work for a staffing company, here are some facts that may change your mind.

There are about 6,000 staffing firms that have been in business a year or more in the U.S. Those companies operate approximately 20,000 offices.   Staffing companies offer jobs ranging from assembly line worker to CEO and are available in virtually all occupations and industries.

If you thought only companies that offer “permanent” jobs would offer benefits, think again.  To attract the most qualified employees, staffing services offer competitive wages and benefits. The average temporary or contract employee earns more than $12 per hour. Some earn more than their permanent counterparts. Most staffing companies offer health insurance as well as vacation and holiday pay, and many offer retirement plans. Virtually any temporary or contract employee who wants benefits can find a staffing firm that offers them.

While specific jobs may last from a few hours to several years, the best estimates for the average tenure of temporary and contract employees range from three to four months.   Many companies choose staffing firms to help them find candidates and try them out for fit and skill level before making a final hiring decision.  In fact, some name brand companies work exclusively through staffing firms – it may be your only opportunity to get in the door.  Don’t forget that contract work is one of the best ways to see if you want the jobs as well – tryouts go both ways.  Some workers actually prefer the variety and challenge of changing assignments periodically.  They also prefer the flexibility of being able to take time off between jobs to travel or do other activities.

Kathy Kanter, area manager for Kelly Services, says that this recession has created both unemployment and underemployment in every industry sector.  She says, “Kelly Services recognizes this changing workforce dynamic and brings employers and job seekers together on a temporary, temporary-to-hire or direct-hire basis. This flexibility in fitting a worker into a company not only helps people find work, but also helps start and advance careers.”

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