Find a Team that Needs You

What was your role in your last job? Not specifically, not your job title; but in the big scheme of things –  why did your manager hire you? 

  • Are you the steady, reliable, go-to guy that always gets the job done – or stays until it is?
  • Are you the creative genius who comes up with the solution no one thought of?
  • Are you the precise fact checker who always gets it right – and catches other people’s errors before they go public? (a thankless job, but soooo important)
  • Are you the glue that holds the office together? Offering brownies to celebrate or advice and sympathy when needed?

Maybe your role wasn’t clear when you got hired.  Maybe you found the niche and filled it.  Maybe you came in and found the perfect conditions to blossom.  Maybe you came in and went through a transformational disaster that showed you  – and everyone else – what you were made of.  Doesn’t matter how you got there.

Do you remember the days that went really well, the days that you felt energized at quitting time – surprised it was time to leave?  You left thinking, “Yes!  That’s what I was hired to do.”

If you don’t remember any days like that, don’t mourn your last job, no matter how much you made. 

If you do remember lots of days like that, figure out how to articulate what you did and were good at.  No – great at.  Be sure to bring it out in your next interview.

 Keep looking until you find another place that needs you.  You may have to take a job (or two) in between.  But keep looking.  Everyone deserves to feel like they fit in their company.  Like they’ve been hired for a reason and they are appreciated for playing that role.

In baseball, pitchers, relievers, outfielders, third basemen and catchers all have different skill sets.  But we couldn’t play the game without them.  Be the best you can be, and keep looking for a team that needs you.

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