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In my last post, I wrote about Toronto, Canada-based Ralph Hammelman, the founder of My Psychic Coach and a second-generation tarot reader. He offered me a free reading in exchange for an honest review of my experience.

I classified myself to Ralph as “an open-minded skeptic.” I am a Midwesterner with both feet firmly on the ground.  Like many of you, I suspect that most phone psychics are charlatans.

But I’m fascinated by the idea that the universe does hold answers, if we only knew how to access them. Ralph says that 90 percent of his clients are women; men just don’t seem to be as open to the idea of energy readings. That’s certainly the case, in my experience; one of my male friends said I was crazy for taking the offer. Another scoffed that he would never do anything “so ridiculous.” But how can I judge without giving it a try?

So I scheduled my appointment electronically and spent some time thinking about a couple of options I have considered as part of my sideline consulting practice.

Ralph is warm and easy to talk to. He listens carefully and asks good questions. So far, just like a conventional life coach. The only difference is when he stops to say, “let’s see what the cards have to say about this.” I can hear the sound of the cards being flipped and laid down.

About the first option I discussed (in only the broadest terms), Ralph drew the Knight of Cups. Cups cards are about your emotional attachment to something, and the Knight of Cups can be interpreted as the arrival of something – an invitation, or perhaps a friend bringing money you didn’t expect. Not a bad sign.

But then Ralph turned up  one of the cards of the Tarot’s Major Acana – archetype cards  which don’t belong with a suit (like Cups) and which are a major force to be taken quite seriously when appearing in divination. This card was The Devil. The original meaning of the card was about sin and temptation, of course, but Ralph interpreted it for me as a warning about choosing a path because it paid well, and not because I really cared about it.

Reading on Option 1: there’s money to be made, but you will not feel fulfilled doing this work.

For option #2, Ralph drew the 9 of Pentacles. According to a Tarot site, “when a Pentacles card appears in a reading, its message regards matters of economy, but also thoughts, study, plans – anything abstract, present in the mind but not yet in one’s hands.” The Nine of Pentacles is about prosperity – there is definitely money to be made in this option.  The seven of Pentacles also came up, which can be interpreted as needing time to think things through. Ralph thought there might be some missing pieces in my plan – gaps that might need to be filled.

Reading on Option 2: Might take more time or something to fill in a gap, but this could be very lucrative.

Option 3 was about writing; I have several book outlines, and I’m planning on starting work on one of them in earnest. Ralph’s card was the Hermit, a card he interpreted as telling him that writing would be very lonely for me. I’ll need to make sure I interact with people regularly, or I will not enjoy the writing process. For the record, as an extrovert, I know he’s right.

Next, we talked about my career generally. Ralph drew The Fool, the poster child for living in the moment without caring what anyone else thinks. I’m thinking of making a career move that will change things dramatically, and Ralph’s interpretation was that I should go for what I want without concerning myself with others’ opinions.

Ralph also drew the Chariot, which is about control (literally being in the driver’s seat.) It can be interpreted as personal success through achievement – reaching goals and glory. A great card for a transition.

I also asked about a passion project I was thinking of writing, and the cards Ralph drew were very auspicious.

First, the Queen of Wands: a card that indicates  a strong feminine energy. “You book will have large female appeal,” Ralph said. The Queen of Wands is sometimes associated with business success.

Next, The Wheel of Fortune. According to a Tarot site, “The Wheel of Fortune card of the Tarot deck is a reminder of the unknowable, whenever it appears in a reading. Don’t try to know everything in advance. It’s not allowed.” Ralph told me to expect surprises on this path.

The Ace of Cups and 2 of Cups also appeared. Cups are about emotions, and the Ace of Cups can be interpreted as “House of the true heart, joy, content, abode, nourishment, abundance, fertility; Holy Table, felicity hereof.”

The 2 of Cups card shows a couple pledging to each other, and generally speaks to a harmonious relationship. “Love, passion, friendship, affinity, union, concord, sympathy, the interrelation of the sexes… Favorable in things of pleasure and business, as well as love; also wealth and honor.”

That was the tipping point: my passion project idea is a cookbook with a working title of “Every Night is Date Night: How to nourish your partner and your relationship.”

I’m not sure how the reading might change my path, but if the universe if talking, I’m willing to listen.

You can find Ralph’s site here.








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