How to Take More Risks in Your Career

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If you’re working toward that next promotion or maybe just trying to excel at your current position, you know that complacency can be your enemy. Being simply “satisfied” with your situation shouldn’t last long or else you may miss out on new opportunities. Taking risks in your career can lead to big payoffs, both personally and professionally. 

Entrepreneurs are a great example of how taking risks to follow your passions can bring success. If you feel stuck at your current job, consider the risk of leaving to try something new. It may mean leaving your comfort zone but the growth potential could be huge. Even making the move to a new city could open up tons of opportunities for you. Don’t let your fear of failure hold you back from reaching success. 

To learn how you can take more risks in your life, take advice from the riskiest professionals in the business: stunt drivers. While you don’t have to put your physical safety at risk to reap the rewards, these stunt drivers can teach us how to approach and evaluate risk and when it’s better to play it safe. 


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