Five Things to do Every Day While You’re Out of Work

  1.  Exercise.  You’ll need to keep up your energy and spirits so you can be ready for the next great opportunity.  Exercise is a natural mood enhancer, and the energy boost and healthy you achieve will show when you meet new people.  The daily discipline of working out will be helpful when you get back into an office routine. You may even get a bonus – looking better in that new interview suit.
  2. Nurture your spirit.   It could be a spiritual practice like meditation or attending a service; it could simply be a walk in nature.  Whatever makes you feel strong and inspired is good for your job search. 
  3. Turn off the television and read.   You are what you read; if you read uplifting words from others who have come through difficult times, you’ll gain something from their wisdom and courage.  You can research your target industry, catch up with a local newspaper, or read a good book on better job searches.  (They’re free at the local library.)
  4. Do something nice for someone else.  No matter how sad or worried you feel, there is someone near you who has it worse and could use your help.  Volunteer at a homeless shelter, bake a cake for an elderly neighbor, or read to kids at a school.  Practice gratitude for the blessings you do have in your life.   Again, what lifts your spirits is good for your job search and your long-term well being.
  5. Get out and meet someone new.  Even on the days you don’t have a networking meeting or interview (and we hope those are rare,) you can make it a point to meet someone new as you’re running errands.  Take the time to notice and reach out to someone at the dog park or your exercise class.  Get to know a neighbor you’ve only waved to.  They may be going through what you are, and might need a friend.  Or have a great job –  and a lead for you.

1 thought on “Five Things to do Every Day While You’re Out of Work

  1. I especially agree with the last one. Spending too much time alone is not a good thing. Interacting with people and keeping yourself inspired by new people, places and things opens you to seeing possibilities.

    Hard to see possibilities sitting at your computer…alone.

    This is actually the theory that has driven me to create Business Voices. It is an interactive event geared to bring business owners, entrepreneurs and job seekers together to learn and grow together in a fun energetic environment.

    Research show that individuals learn together the greatest bonds are created. In 2006 Daniel Goldman released Social Intelligence. It educates to the power of the educational process to build meaningful relationships. When we learn new neuropathways are created. We become sympathetically bonded to those we learn with because our brains connect growth, which it desires, and learning to that person.

    When the brain is in learning mode it creates the neurohormone, seratonin which creates a sense of well being. This well being is then associated with the people who you learned with and from.

    As we work to build lasting relationships, in business or our personal life, seeking situations that learning is involved is a great way to build lasting bonds.

    We would love to learn and grow with you, Join us at our monthly event Business Voices…

    To learn more…


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